Types of Hair Removal


Facial hair is very important to the human body. It offers protection to the underlying skin from bacteria and also allergens. Facial hair will also help in the excretion by removing excess sweat from the body. In men, facial hair is perceived as a symbol of masculinity.  Although women have had a different perspective about this. By all means, a woman will try to remove her facial hair. To them it is unwanted. They perceive it as unhealthy too. Therefore there are very many techniques that have been discovered so that the help women and men who are intending to have their hair completely removed.

The most common of all methods is shaving. Excess hair on the head, beards and even the pubic hair can be eliminated by shaving it using scissors. Females although should not use this method. This is because it makes them grow darker and coarser after every shave. Another method is tweezing. It is effective for those removing stray facial hair or small areas. Hair removed with tweezers will take longer to grow. This is because it is plucked by the roots.

The other method is depilatories. This is based on the use of hair removal creams at majorbeard.com. This will alter the hair structure, and it easily wipes off the hair. This method will last for a maximum of 3 days while taking 3 in others.  Most women will prefer this method. It is the least painful and also cost-effective the creams are designed for face and also other parts of the body. Make sure that you choose the right type of cream so that it does not irritate the body skin.

The other method is waxing. It is a temporary method. One will use soft or hard wax. When using soft wax, you will require a waxing strip that is useful in the binding, pulling and removing the hair forcefully. It is usually applied to the area where the facial hair is to be removed, and it is stripping is done in the direction of opposite to the hair growth. Another method is sugaring. One will use paste or gel. This gel is made from natural products such as water, lemon juice, and sugar. Another method is the electrolysis. It will utilize electricity. This requires a practitioner. The more recent method is the laser hair removal method. It utilizes high energy that will absorb the hair follicles pigments. It is preferred by most people. For further details on the types of hair removal, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/mens-facial-hair/.


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